Please, read this as it may be of interest to you. “I am thinking of buying palm oil to store and sell in later days. But my concern is for how long can I preserved palm oil without it being spoiled?

And how can I get a market for it? Are there ready made buyers who are willing to buy any quantity in supply?

Here are the Answers

Palm oil can be stored for up to 12 months without much spoilage. However, it will be better to sell off within 6months to preserve its freshness.

Palm Oil does not go rancid very fast. This is because Palm Oil and Coconut oil are mostly saturated oil. Palm Oil has a long shelf life and can be stored at room temperature. The preferred temperature for palm oil is 30 degree Celsius. But it will be better if you sell your palm oil within 6 months of purchase.

In case you sense an unpleasant aroma, a rancid taste or a change in color, it means it’s no longer useful or safe to use, throw away the palm oil immediately as that may be harmful. Palm Oil can thicken if stored at lower temperature. Try and avoid this. Use stainless steel or glass containers to store palm oil. Plastic container is most used in this part of the world to store palm oil. Avoid containers that might have any element of copper alloy in them. It is always better to store them in the original containers.

The market for it depends on where you are and the quantity you have. If you have the product in large quantity, selling at wholesale to retailers in Mile 12 market may be the ideal thing. So, buy and supply to market women who retail at various shops and market. 

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