Nigeria faces Starvation In 2021…Poultry Association Of Nigeria

President of the Poultry Association of Nigeria, Mr. Ezekiel Ibrahim Mam, has warned that Nigeria may face starvation in 2021 owing to the COVID-19 caused lockdown across the nation. Ibrahim Mam, said, there will be clear starvation, because of the lockdown and restriction of movement of people since farmers could not move to their farms, and poultry feeds could not get into various states.

He noted that already, the rainy season has set in and if maize producers and soybeans farmers could not go to their farms, it will be a threat to the poultry industry, as seventy percent of the raw materials for the poultry industry; especially poultry production is soya and maize.

Mr. Ibrahim noted the Federal Government could have assisted the farmers during the lockdown by mobilizing them to go to their farms and produce food for the country.
He however commended President Muhamadu Buhari for lifting the restriction on the movement and urged farmers to do all they could to forestall the looming starvation.

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