Hike in Prices of Birds: Lack of Grains, Insecurity Responsible

A member of Poultry Association of Nigeria, PAN in Abuja, Pastor Daniel O. Kayode, says Federal Government’s ban on importation of grains has escalated the prices of corn and soya beans in Nigeria.

Pastor Kayode who lamented that day-old chick of the ROSS 308 specie now sells between 495 naira and 510 naira as against between 345 and 385 naira sold some weeks ago said the rise in the exchange rate and end of the year increased demand also contributed to the hike in price.

He stated that even the government had to borrow about 15tons of grains from ECOWAS to enable it to meet domestic demands talk more of individual farmers who are currently hindered by increasing insecurity thereby forcing many to jettison agriculture which according to him, has contributed to the increase in the price of bird feeds which now sells at 4500 naira per bag as against 3800 naira.

The poultry farmer also hinted that monopoly of the hatchery in Ibadan is making it hard for them as sometimes, the demand is much higher than supply in addition to the cost of transportation from Ibadan to Abuja thereby making the prices of birds higher in that part of the country. Pastor Kayode, implored governments to support farmers through the provision of adequate security, subsidizing farm implements like fertilizer, seeds and birds to aid local production.He stated that though the federal government has done a lot in the provision of loans and grants for farmers, so far, the number who have access to those facilities is still based on who one knows hence very few farmers have benefitted.

In his words “how I wish I can lay my hands on such loans I would have done a lot with it especially with my experience in poultry farming. In fact I would have done a lot but it’s who you know; even if you apply there’s no guarantee that you will get it”. “Some have got it but the number is small compared to the number that have not got it”he added.The poultry farmer advised other farmers especially youths to be dogged in their strife for greatness through dedication, hard work and consistency. 

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