Group Asks Government to cater for Aged Farmers

The Executive Director, Dave Omokaro Foundation, Dr. Emem Omokaro says 60% of subsistence farmers in Nigeria are farmers and they reside in the rural areas.

The Executive Director, who was speaking in Abuja at a forum organized by the foundation and the Nigeria Union of Journalists FCT Council, lamented that most older persons worked and are still engaged in the informal sector with no opportunity to contribute to any incremental savings towards their retirement.

She said that many were poor and aged into severe poverty even though still farming.

Omokaro called on the Federal government to ensure that social assistance to farmers includes farm implements, fertilizer supplies, health insurance, and evolvement of subsistent farming in the community into community social enterprise.

According to her, the government has often neglected the aged especially the needs of older women in all gender development strategies, policies, and programs taking into account the importance of gender sensitivities, the specific requirements of older women and men as well as rural, urban differences and other demographic characteristics.

Omokaro advocated that there should be improved road transportation for easy access to markets, sourcing markets for local produce, and linking to value chains.

On his part, the chairman of NUJ, FCT Council, Comrade Emmanuel Ogbeche, said the inauguration of an NUJ body for the aged, will enable the council to become elaborate watchdogs that would ensure the aged are considered in the scheme of things.

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