in invites you to its first ever training on bee-keeping

Achieving Sustainable Development Goals 1,3,8 and 17 through honey production 
In our quest to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals 1,3,8 and17, an agric. focused blog in association with Medical Honey Bees Farm Nigeria,  seek to empower women and youths through production of honey/wax products to improve them economically. They shall be trained in bee-hives making, bee-keeping, honey production and how to market their products. To mark the 2021 ‘World Bee Day’, this training holds from the 20th of May through the 22nd May, 2021 at De Nobles Hotels and Suites Awka by 10am each day.
 The packages include:
PHASE 1: Discussions on honey bees and their products; life circle; stages of colony development and swarm control; practical demonstrations; samples of bee products like honey, beeswax, Propolis etc.; the ‘Bee Calendar’ unveiled.
PHASE 2: Workshop. Constructing a workbench; selecting wood for hive construction; cutting and joining of a working beehive (honey factories); baiting the hive; installing hives in the honey bee farm (Apiary); planting an Apiary for each of the trainees.
PHASE 3: Bee Season. Developing a self-sustainable system of colony management; populating the trainee honey bee farms with bee colonies; managing bee colonies towards honey harvests before March 2022; honey extraction; beeswax processing; Propolis harvest; off taking of beehive products in a major Honey Fair; Certification.

CHALLENGES: Even though bee-keeping needs little start up capital, we are still inundated owing to the low financial status of the beneficiaries especially their inability to secure loans from financial startup. 

BENEFIT: This will be a great opportunity of making ‘pure’ honey readily available and cheaper for the masses especially the poor thereby improving their health status as honey can be used to solve various health problems. Donation Expected Impact Areas:- Training in bee-hives making using local materials, bee-keeping, honey production,  production of honey products, entrepreneurship, business establishment and growth.- Establishment of women and youth led honey production co-operatives- Facilitating packaging, branding and labeling on packaging materials. – Facilitating linkages with private sector and markets.
Yours in the service of humanity,

Princess Ekwi Ajide For

Jerry Efobi For Medical Honey Bees Farm Nigeria 

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