Forgotten Farm Village?

Mando is a community in Moro local government area of Kwara State; just about 1km to the Kwara State University in Malete.Mando people speak yoruba and are predominantly farmers. Unfortunately, this Community according to one of its sons, Ahmed Sikiro Ayodeji, a farmer, is a shadow of itself as many of the citizens including himself, often run off to Ilorin since the community which is into diverse production of farm produce has only one borehole which every member of the community, their farm and livestock use.

Though Mando community and the Kwara state’s University are neighbors, Mando still looks at electricity from afar in spite of various solicitations, applications, and promises by various aspirants and candidates of various political parties. Many motorists would prefer to take a longer routes from and Ilorin than suffer the wear and tear on their vehicles caused by the deplorable condition of Mando road; the condition of the road oftentimes, forces the farmers to sell their wares at give away prices to whoever dares to come in spite of the road.

Mr. Sikiro Ayodeji, says, water is the most needed commodity in that community today as they have prepared land to delve into tomato farming but are being hindered by lack of water as they cannot rely on the rains. He lamented, that some Federal government enumerators had captured them some three months back and they had requested water, fertilizer and seeds but no information yet.

According to him, only 900,000 naira is preventing him from carrying on with the project which might help him save his village from desertion.Mr. Sikiro Ayodeji, called on the federal and state governments to hasten to assist them with well, grip and basic amenities so they can continue their farming business with ease and stop their youths from abandoning the work for the aged as they migrate to the urban cities on daily basis. 

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