Ekwi Ajide

As a young scholar, Ekwi Ajide was a member of Society of Student Broadcasters, where she was exposed to the intricacies of broadcasting,

Was an Attaché to the Anambra Broadcasting Service, Onitsha, in 2001-2002 and became producer/presenter – “the world today” a programme showcasing happenings around the world.

As a Youth Corps member, in the Anambra Broadcasting Service Awka in 2005, she served in the News and Current Affairs Department where she became conversant with news reporting, production and presentation. Owing to her outstanding performance, she was retained by the establishment as a contract staff. Her service was regularized in the Anambra Broadcasting service, in 2007, where she worked in the News and Current Affairs Department as a Reporter, Producer and Presenter.

She became the Presenter /Producer government affairs a programme that showcases the programmes and policies of government as well as find out communities where there is no government’s presence and bring same to the notice of the government through news programmes; Producer/presenter “let’s talk” a live radio programme where the audience gets to participate and report their problems and suggestions.

She is the presenter of a live security awareness programme “kpochapu” on radio and television, presenter “NDLEA and You” a Live audience participatory programme which dwells on Hard drugs and its ills to the society.