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Did you Know You Can Become a Millionaire with Coconut Oil Business?

coconut oil and fresh coconuts on old wooden table

Planting coconut in great quantities is one of the surest ways of making a fortune in Agribusiness.

According to Mr. Tony Eze of the Farmers Global Village, Asaba, Delta State, Nigeria, said “if you are able to plant up to 100 stands of the Malaysian hybrid coconuts that can start producing between 3 and 4 years and one of each produces between 200 and 300 yearly, then an average of 250 times 100 will equal 25000 and each can be sold at about #200 per one coconut that equals #5,000,000.00 per annum” He said one can still sell some at #300 or #500 depending on what one is using the coconut.

Eze said, remember that you don’t feed it, just plant and maintain the farm against fire outbreak, promising that he has the secret to assisting one make millions of naira through coconuts and that they  have plants that are fire resistant. “We have land to sell to you where you will plant it if you don’t have your own already. We are also ready to market it for you.” He concluded. To connect with Tony Eze, reach out to Gist Agrica via any of our social media handles.

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