Africa’s Coffee Farmers Losing Billions to Exploitation Annually – Report

Millions of coffee farmers across Africa are facing economic devastation as coffee prices offered to them continue to be on a downward trajectory, often below production costs, a report by Selina Wamucii has revealed.

In a statement by Selina Wamucii, on Tuesday titled ‘Misery at the Farm: Africa’s Coffee Farmers are Losing Billions to Exploitation,’ Africa’s farmers produce some of the finest quality coffee but receive the lowest prices of all growers globally.

Selina Wamucii is the platform for food and agricultural produce from Africa’s agricultural cooperatives, farmers’ groups, agro-processors, and other organizations, which works directly with family farmers across 54 African countries.

It is putting all Africa’s producers 80 per cent of whom are family farmers and their products in one platform where buyers from anywhere in the world can reliably find and buy produce from Africa.

The report gives the most recent and ground-up perspective on how Africa’s coffee farmers are exploited to death in an industry that makes billions of dollars every year.

It said, “African farmers’ share in the roasted coffee value chain is ranging from 8.7% to 12.6%, with the share being less in major African coffee exporters, Ethiopia and Uganda, being respectively at 12.6% and 10.0% respectively.

“Farmers’ shares in the roasted coffee value chain are higher outside of Africa with India’s coffee growers getting 15.7% in India and 14.9% in Brazil.

“Due to unfair trade terms, lost earnings yearly for Ethiopian farmers are 713.1 million USD and 229.7 million USD for farmers in Uganda.

“It is estimated that African coffee farmers are losing $1.47 billion every year from exploitative pricing of their crops,” the report said.

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