Scent leaf has the botanical name Ocimum gratissimum. It is a beautiful plant known for its unique color and flavour. It is highly valued for its dietary and medicinal advantages. Scent leaf has various local names in the various Nigerian languages and dialects. It is grown in Nigeria and is known by the Igbos as Arigbi or Nchuanwu; by the Yorubas as Efinrin and by the Hausas as Daidoya.

Scent leaves, can be taken fresh or dried. Both retain their immense medicinal benefits. Researchers agree that this plant has several medicinal values that depend on certain active chemical substances which are believed to have physiological impact on the human body. Some consider it a natural antibiotic due to the results received from its application to some health conditions. Chemists say it has disinfecting, antiviral and antimicrobial properties.
This medicinal plant is common and popular in India, where a decoction of its leaves and flowers is found to be quite effective against high temperatures. Some components of the scent leaf have proven to be suitable against headache and tummy disturbances depending on way/ manner of preparation.

Health Benefits Of Scent Leaf

The scent leaf possesses benefits that are good for your health given its antiseptic, antibacterial and antifungal properties which make your health to operate at an optimal capacity. Here are some of the areas to apply this God-given remedy and you will reap the best results.

1. Oral hygiene and Bad Breath
(mouth odour/halitosis)
Scent leaf is known for its ability to kill bacteria in the mouth and help fight off bad breath. It is also said to be able to prevent tooth decay. Use the stem of this plant as chewing stick. You can also use the juice from the leaves as mouth wash.
When boiled with water, it can be taken as a tonic or used as a gargle for sore throat.

2. Fungal Infections
Scent leaf crushed and applied to skin infections such as eczema or scabies is a known remedy for their treatment.

3. Common colds
Chewing on the leaves can relieve colds and flu symptoms. Boiling the leaves with honey or ginger is useful for treating asthma, bronchitis, cough, cold, and influenza. The liquid extract from scent leaf can also be mixed with some hot water in a cup; inhale the vapour as it oozes out. When the temperature is low, you can drink the mixture. You can sweeten it with honey for better results.

4. Food Preservative
Due to its antibacterial and antimicrobial properties, scent leaf oil extract is also used as a food preservative. You can pour the scent leaf oil over foods that you want to preserve, like tomatoes.

5. Malaria and Fever treatment
Scent leaf mixed with bitter leaf is used in parts of Nigeria as a potent treatment for malaria and fever. The juice from both plants are squeezed out and half a tumbler (about 25cl) taken trice a day for 5 days. Initially, this may make the person to produce loose stool or purge a bit, which is an indication of detoxification.

6. Mosquito Repellent/air freshener
When you dry up the scent leaf under the sun, then burn it. It serves as a powerful mosquito repellent and leaves the room freshened up.

7. Pain Relief
The liquid extract is used for treating ear ache and colon pains. Also for external pains (hands, legs), mix the juice with shea butter and apply freely on affected areas, especially at night. Wake up to good results.

8. Gut Health
Scent leaf, brewed as tea, has been used as a remedy for stomach disorders, including gastroenteritis. Scent leaf helps with stomach aches, dysentery, diarrhea and even vomiting and general nausea. This is just for regular times, pregnant women SHOULD NOT use it to control nausea that comes with early pregnancy because of possible negative effect.

9. Digestive Health/ purging
Scent leaf can help relieve flatulence, bloating and also help in improving digestion. It can also help with bowel evacuation. Take the juice mixed with water first thing in the morning, at least, one hour before meal. Repeat at bed time as last intake of the day.
Drinking the squeezed juice from scent leaves will stop stooling. To get the best, one can add salt or lime which improves the taste and also ease the unnecessary bowel movement being experienced.

10. Lower Blood Sugar
Scent leaf is natural and helps prevent damage to the pancreas and improves its functions. So it has the ability to lower blood sugar levels.

Dried scent leaf

11. Repair Smoking Damages
This plant is said to be able to reduce the nicotine content in the body. Though this has not been proven beyond reasonable doubt, but it is believed the properties in scent leaf can also repair damages caused by smoking and nicotine intake.

12. Infertility Issues
Scent leaf has arginine content which is a known property that has been proven to help produce an optimum penile health. It can help a man treat premature ejaculation. Also, the content epigenin fenkhona and eugenol in scent leaf can facilitate erection.

13. Milk Production
For lactating mothers that are having issues with the amount of milk coming out, scent leaf can help with the production of more milk.

14. Anti-Inflammatory
Inflammation can cause the body to become vulnerable to all sorts of sickness and diseases. As a detoxifying agent, scent leaf is anti-inflammatory and can help eliminate various bad effects from inflammation.

Pregnant women are advised to stay away from taking the plain/ raw scent leaf as it is known to have potential to cause miscarriage.
Some parts may be considered possibly UNSAFE when taken by mouth as a medicine for a long term. These parts contain estragole, a chemical that might increase the risk of getting liver cancer.

How can you sit down and watch your health deteriorate when God has given you all it takes to live a healthy life. Grab it today.

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