Snail farming is a slow but stable way of making money.  You can however maximise your margins by integrating mixed organic farming into the mix.

Housing: There are different kinds of snaileries that can be built and these determine if your snails will lead a happy life. In this regards, some factors have to be taken into consideration. First, the snails stage of development and snails habit must be considered. This means sorting of snails by age into newly hatched, young and mature. The secret to note here is that younger snails will require more comfortable housing which should be well sealed to prevent loss.

The most important matter is that snaileries must be escape proof and also be effective against predators.

Pens can be made of wood (decay resistant types) as in the case of hutch boxes or pens laid on bare ground. You can also construct concrete pens embedded in the soil (exactly the way a foundation is built for a normal house building). These are semi- intensive methods they can also be replicated on a huge commercial scale where high initial capital is available. With proper stocking density, these methods are proven to give an edge.

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Extensive methods include mini paddock systems and free range pens which can greatly reduce cost of feeding. In the practice of spilling secrets, you can combine a modern plantain farm or vegetable garden and an extensive snailery into a double edged sword for killing poverty.

Last secret on housing is the use of small mesh nets to prevent the access of flies into your snail pens. There is a particular fly that can waste your snail investments if left unchecked. It lays eggs in the snails and when they hatch, they eat up your snails from the inside. Be prepared for snails with fly larvae.

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