By: Ifeanyi Okonkwo

The die is cast and Ndi Anambra are anxiously shopping for a more credible candidate that will take the state to the next level.
Each passing day, the topic of who will take over the mantle from the present Governor Willie Obiano has been the subject matter in the daily discussions of concerned citizens.

Political pundits have started making projections on who they think the cap fits. While many are clamoring for zoning, others are of the opinion that the stage should be made open for whoever thinks he has the capacity.
It is obvious that much will be expected from whoever that will eventually emerge the next governor of Anambra state because Governor Obiano has left a big imprint on Awka the state capital and other part of the state.
Many are of the opinion that power should shift to the South Senatorial zone of Anambra state, having former Governor Peter Obi from the central who served for eight years and Governor Willie Obiano from the North, who will complete his tenure by 2022.
Other schools of thought have devised the idea that two out of the three major sub-divisions in the zone should be given the opportunity to produce the next Governor.
Most opinion gathered has it that gender differences should not be a barrier stating that individual antecedents and disposition to impact on the wellbeing of the masses plus a good moral standard that will build, continue and completes the giant stride developmental works, commenced by the former Governors Senator. Chris Ngige, consolidated upon by Peter Obi and crowned now by the serving Governor Willie Obiano.

As the day draws nearer with each passing day, the body language of some usual suspects and heavy weight are obvious.
Political analyses both within and outside Anambra has predicted the Anambra 2021 governorship election to be one of the toughest in the history of the state.

One of the qualities Ndi Anambra should consider at the polls would be who has the capacity in terms of socioeconomic development, who according to many will also sustain and build upon the pace, because Anambra, being the pride of many states should continue getting it right by electing a right leader to move the state to the next level.
Ndi Anambra will be looking forward to a leader who has the ability to keep on with the game as it is and who has the interest of the generality of Anambra people at heart; somebody who has the heart to work for the welfare of mankind and not someone whose mission will be to fill his pockets and seek selfish interests and those of cronies around them.
Obiano’s successor should be a person that will understand that the primary purpose of leadership is to see that the governed are well treated.
I am pretty sure that Ndi Anambra will vote someone who knows that the primary purpose of leadership is to provide infrastructure, to build good roads, health care facilities, and quality education, among other things.
The expectations of Ndi Anambra from the next governor are numerous to mention. He should be one that can form a synergy with other South East governors to build an internal railway that will link the region.
A Governor who will successfully recreate the social environment of Anambra State and unleash a social harmony that was once a wishful thought among the people and not a governor that will look up to the Federal Government for every need of the state.
The governor that will emerge in 2021 should be someone who will be able to wipe the tears of the people, a pragmatic human being, who will be healthy; one who understands what leadership entails, and who can surpass the legacies already on ground.
He should have good character and imaginative. One who will be able to think out of the box and has capacity and tenacity in business and governance


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