By: Ekwi Ajide
Nigeria women have been asked to promote love and peace in all they do for quicker attainment of the United Nation’s sustainable development goals.
Speaker after speaker at an evening with Chychy harped on the need for women to come together, form alliances that will promote their cause especially in a developing country like Nigeria.
For Mrs. Chinyere Ezenwokike, Founder/Chairperson Tomorrow’s Women Development Organization and convener,  Ruth Sisters Fellowship International, called on women to abide together in love as according to her, any society without love has no peace.
She told them to be mindful of the fact that with God all things are possible and as such believe in God irrespective of class, religion or status.
For Mrs. Edith Mike-Ejezie, women have diverse roles and must there live up to expectations even though culture and religion inhibits her.
Mrs Mike-Ejezie said since women make up about 50 percent of Nigeria’s population, they should be included in the scheme of things for women are good managers.
Pastor Jackie Ike-Otuonye however said though the Nigeria woman is work in progress, she has fared a lot better than she was in the past adding that the Nigeria women are coming up to excel in various fields of endeavour.
Honourable Amaka Ebenebe is of the opinion that the pull her down mentality in Nigeria is the bane of women Development.
Dr. Mrs Gloria Ahmed on her part, commended the convener, Mrs Ezenwokike, for being a good mentor to younger women and urged men to support the women whom she encouraged to remain steadfast in their quest for greatness and not give up.
Ms. Chinwe Ogbuka said though Nigeria women are have a high sense of determination, they are still dominated politically by the men.
According to her, women are the foundation of any strong home therefore, if women are involved in nation building, the nation will be better for it.

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