Senate President advocates restructuring of the Country’s Security System

President of the Senate, Dr. Ahmad LawanSenate President advocates restructuring of the Country’s Security System

President of the Senate, Dr. Ahmad Lawan, recently took a critical look at the rising level of insecurity in the country and declared that the nation’s security architecture has failed. He has therefore stressed the need to urgently restructure the country’s security system to be able to live up to its mandate of effectively securing lives and properties of the citizens.

Speaking with journalists in Abuja, the Senate President lamented that, in spite of efforts by the President Muhammadu Buhari-led administration to tackle insurgency and all forms of banditry in the country, the security situation had suddenly deteriorated across the land. He therefore insisted that the only way to get out of the menacing quagmire was to restructure the defective security system in the country, and come up with a system that would be result oriented.

Although he declined to make categorical statement on the recently established South-West security outfit, code-named Operation Amotekun, Lawan pointed out that effective security in any human community must be the duty of the government and the governed. He noted that, for meaningful results to be achieved in the effort to secure the entire country, the three tiers of government- federal, State and Local Government must join hands and execute the task.

His words: “All hands must be on deck. The Federal Government, State Government and even the Local Government and in fact, more importantly; the citizens must be involved because wherever you see security improving, that means the citizens are playing their roles very well.” He added: “But of course, the onus lies largely on government. So, we are going to work with the executive arm of government.”

The Senate President continued:”We should engage with the security agencies in the Senate to find why the deterioration in security in many parts of the country. We have had series of engagement before but the escalation now has make it mandatory for us to have a definite position as a government because we just cannot play politics with security issues.”

Noting that lives are at stake, the Senate President assured that, the Senate will take a position on how security in the country should be; noting that the present system does not appear to give us the type of outcome that we need.

“Whether it is the federal, state or local government; Even the traditional rulers or others, the most important thing is to secure the lives and property of Nigerians and we would do that”; the Senator added.

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