By Ekwi Ajide
Any society without love and care for the downtrodden never develops, a philanthropist, Mr. Jude Ifedi asserted this in Abuja recently; adding that donating to better the lot of the poor and needy in the society should be the driving force for any individual.

The Anambra born philanthropist, said everyman must contribute to the development of his immediate society as God has a reason for making one a member of a particular society; hence he had donated a 16 bed capacity hospital, a two storey building primary school, tarred roads and small cottage industry for women in his community Osumenyi. Added to these is a scholarship scheme from which over 600 graduates have benefited.

According to him, philanthropy is like killing one hundred birds with one stone as the children born in such communities grow up in love and thereby have no room for crime or violence. Mr. Ifedi who opined that every person has a role to play in the society irrespective of status, said all hands must be on deck as government alone cannot develop every community.

He charged wealthy Igbos especially those of Anambra extraction to assist government develop their communities by putting in place those amenities the communities lack so as to make life easier for their people.

According to the Abuja based business man, people abandon their homelands hoping it will develop only to become philanthropic whenever they have ambition of seeking one political office or the other. Mr. Ifedi, however noted that the development of any society should not be left for government or the rich alone as everyone has a role to play. He is of the opinion that until the black man changes his way of thinking, meaningful development may elude the continent.

One comment

  1. “Whether that’s internationally or in your community, when you roll up your sleeves and get your hands dirty, you experience more of life. That’s what will change our individual lives and the world as we know it.

    “God will always shower blessings and abundance down upon us. The more focus we put on someone else, the more our lives will be fulfilled.”
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