Christmas, New Year seasonal cards gone into oblivion?


Christmas, New Year seasonal cards gone into oblivion?
By Ajayi Dada

Once again, we will be joining the rest of the world in celebrating Christmas or Yuletide and the New Year – 2020. During the period; individuals, families, neighbours and corporate organizations exchange gifts with  each another in the spirit of the season.

For Christians, most of their churches tailor their readings from the Bible to passages preparing their faithful toward Christmas or the birth of Jesus Christ that really happened over 2,000 years ago in Nazareth of Judea or in present day Middle East. The Catholic Church refers this period as the Season of Advent meaning the period Christians are encouraged to prepare themselves for the coming of Jesus Christ.

One unique gift that people of my age grew to know and love was the Christmas and new year cards that people usually exchanged during this seasons with loved ones. Family friends, school mates, church members, colleagues in the office and neigbours used to cherish and look forward to fond memories that such cards used to contain. They were always filled with messages of love, unity, peace, humility and hope which one can regard as the code of conduct to guide ones behaviour or action in  the new year.

More unique were usually the soul- inspiring messages that when people had read them, they would not bother to find out the price of such items. Your friends, colleagues will drop them on your table in the office, give them to you after church service or drop them in your house.

All these were means of showing their love and concern for you and praying to God on your behalf and those of your families for good health of mind, body and soul in both the preceding and coming years. A kind of being our brothers and sisters’ keepers. Some inquisitive people that cherish some of the catchy words, would write them out, memorize them and such become part of their ways of life.

But, can we say that today when computers, cell phones and other ICT platforms have become the order of the day?

How about the distant family friends, relatives and well-wishers? They would through

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