1. Fire Director’s Office, Command Headquarters, Eze-Uzu junction, Agu Awka 09077044410

2. Headquarters Fire Station Eze-Uzu junction, Agu Awka 09077411503

3. Amawbia Fire Station Adam & Eve roundabout, Amawbia 09077744072 / 07081877775

4. Government House Fire Station Government House Awka 09077744099

5. Nnewi Fire Station Nkwo Nnewi Main Market Nnewi 09077744182

6. Building Market Fire Station, Ogidi 09077744390 / 08086630033

7. Okpoko Fire Station, Obodoukwu road, Between Okpoko Police Station

and Nigeria Custom Station, Okpoko (Ogbaru) 09077744515 / 08060706265

8. Main Market Fire Station, Main Market, Onitsha 09077744547 / 07081877770

9. Nkpor Fire Station, Nkpor/Umuoji road Eke Nkpor 09077744685

10. Ekwulobia Fire Station Sports Stadium, Ekwulobia 09077744785

Note: Fire Prevention is everybody’s business. Firefighting is Firefighters’ business. Call the Fire Service as soon as you notice any Fire outbreak to avoid Fire Disaster because you or yours may be involved.

All you owe to firefighters is to call in time. Do not try to do it on your own so as to answer a hero. Call as soon as you notice the fire to avoid blames on Fire Service for coming late to the fire scene.

Help share the information to help save our economy and make Anambra State a Fire-Disaster-Free State.

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