By: Joy Odor/Abuja

Nigeria is ranked fifth in Africa and fifty sixth in the world in the global cyber security index as she has remained steadfast in the fight against cybercrime.
This was the consensus of speakers at a seminar organised by the U.S. Embassy’ Offices of International Narcotics and Law Enforcement Affairs, and the Information Resource Management for young people on cyber safety awareness with the theme: Own it, Secureit and Protect it. The seminar which was in commemoration of  ‘Cyber Security Awareness Month 2019’, attracted students and teachers from ten secondary schools and two universities in Abuja.

In her opening remarks, U.S. Embassy Chargé d ‘Affaires, Ms. Kathleen Fitz Gibbon advised the students to take control of their internet image and own who they are on the internet as people can misuse their profile. She urged them to be careful about what kind of picture they use because even when taken down, it does not mean it has not been seen or downloaded by someone, and it could still be used against them.

Ms. Fitz Gibbon stressed the importance of protecting personal information saying there are a lot of bad actors on the internet who are often after one’s personal information.

Giving an overview, Colonel Tayo Adesuyi of the Office of the National Security Advisory was of the opinion that cyber security is everybody’s business as much as responsibility is at every level in terms of cyber security.

According to him, what government can do is to bring up polices and strategies on how to follow institutions, to educate people and ensure that certain standards are maintained. He applauded the US Embassy for exposing and training Nigeria’s young people in cyber security. He appealed that the training be replicated to other states of the federation to enhance capacity and protection of the future generation.

Other speakers at the seminar organized in partnership with the International Centre for Leadership Development Nigeria (ICLDNG), Office of The National Security Advisory Nigeria, and The Federal Ministry of Justice, Cyber Crime Advisory Council, included: Heather Armstrong of FBI, T.George-Maria Tyendezwa of the Federal Ministry of Justice, who called on the youths to be patriotic citizens, own, protect,  and secure their presence online while urging them to utilize the internet for the good of the country

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