Interim Management Committee Chairman of Ohaji/Egbema Local Government Area of Imo State, Hon Ezeruo Damian, says the council pays salaries of staff regularly as allocation comes, in line with the welfare policy and transparency of the Rebuild Imo administration policy of Governor Emeka Ihedioha.
Ezeruo affirmed he believes in the welfare policy of the present government, hence regular payment of salaries to workers of the local government council. He told journalists that the workers have always been treated with love, care and respect which eluded them for past 8years. He added that he is sincere and cannot stoop low to embezzle or misappropriate funds meant for the council as being alleged by some mischief makers who want bent to occupy his position by all foul means.

He declared: “I’m sincere. We do not delay to solve the problems of our people. We pay salaries regularly. In order to increase the revenue of the State, the Governor encouraged us to build and equip Secretariat and Stadia at the local government headquarters and soon Ohaji Egbema will complete theirs and we may even be the first to finish these projects”.

Ezeruo added that Solar Light has been installed at Etekuru Community with efforts being made to install electricity at all communities of the locality. He added that insecurity is reducing at Ohaji Egbema as some roads are being cleared. The Interim Committee Chairman appealed to the people of Ohaji Egbema to continue to live peacefully and orderly while giving their support to move the society forward. He also called on his political opponents to stop maligning him through  the media, because nothing could dislodge him from rendering quality service to his people who he cherishes and adores.

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