Mrs Susan's baby


Children are gifts from God and the blessings of any marriage. However, when these gifts tend to become a burden, they test our faith in our creator

This is the pathetic story of Mr. Nnamdi Egenti and his wife, Susan; an Abuja based couple, whose marriage of Sixteen Years was recently blessed with five children, instead of one at this first instance.
However, since putting to bed, 10 days ago, through Caesarian operation; Mrs. Susan Egenti is still lying critically ill on the hospital bed at the Federal Medical Centre, Jabi, Abuja, Federal Capital Territory; experiencing some complications which have resulted in her undergoing three post- natal delivery operations

While the 5 children are reported to be doing fine by the day, their mother is struggling to stay alive and the hospital is doing everything possible to keep her steady on the way to full recovery. But inadequate finance could be the bane of the joy of this couple, unless well-meaning Nigerians come to their immediate help.
For this couple from Umuawor Nando, Anambra East Local Government Area of Anambra State; fund for settlement of hospital bills and continuous treatment to bring Mrs. Egenti to her normal self has been a great challenge. This is coupled with the need to care for the children. The family has been enjoying the support of the hospital authority and staff, since their predicament started.

Presently, the mother of 5 and the children are in the intensive care unit of the hospital, at a cost of N100,000:00k per. day.

Mr. Egenti has a small Chemist shop at Jabi Park, while the wife is a petty trader whose plastic wares shop is situated in one corner in front of her husband’s shop.  With their meagre income, which has not even been steady since the crisis started, they can no longer meet their obligations towards purchasing drugs and meeting other requirements to keep Mrs Egenti and her children alive.
The couple is therefore appealing to well-meaning Nigerians to come to their aid in this their time of utmost need; to help with their hospital bills and other expenses that could keep the mother and her five children alive.
This is an urgent call to charity to save lives and be our brother’s keeper in conformity  with the injunction from God.

Dr. Tochi Nwoye who attended to the mother from conception to delivery said the mother never had any complications until the 34th week when she developed high blood pressure.

He stated that the delivery was successful and the babies all healthy as the hospital observed all safety measures though in spite of that, problem emanated three days after the C section, which led to two other operations.

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