OCHEMBA BLASTS FED. GOVT OVER 56 TOLL GATES IN S/EAST…Urges Ndimo to be patient with Ihedioha.

Toll Gate

OCHEMBA BLASTS FED. GOVT OVER 56 TOLL GATES IN S/EAST…Urges Ndimo to be patient with Ihedioha.
By Augustine Agwulonu
Reactions have continued to trail the recent  pronouncements by the Federal government to bring back Toll plaza on Nigerian Roads as a large number of the Tollgates are slated for the South East states in Nigeria.
A community philanthropist and front line Industrialist in the Region, Chief John-Paul Ochemba while speaking with some field Journalists described as despicable and unreasonable plans by the
government to allocate 56 Tollgates in the south east alone while a small number is designated for the North and Western parts of Nigeria.
Chief Ochemba wondered what the government wants to achieve.

He said it will take toll on the pockets of Traders and queried the Rationale of 56 Toll gates for a region with only 5 States with less than 15 Popular Towns.

According to Industrialist, the Distance from each of the known towns is not up to 100 Kilometers. The young vibrant captain of Industry posited that if it is based on Capital cities in the
Region, only 5 state capitals and if it is on Roads, South East does not have more than 15 popular towns. He asked the government to Rethink this policy.
Chief Ochemba who is the chairman of  Jeosil Construction company Limited expressed sadness on the absence of Unity of purpose  among Igbo Leaders especially those in power who have refused to represent the true interests of the Igbo nation.  He challenged elected officers to resist what he termed impending Economic doom of proposed toll gates in the region.
Asked to comment on the deplorable conditions of Roads in Ideato nation and the state at large, Chief  Ochemba asserted that the state of the Imo Roads are the consequences  of Fire-Brigade approach by past Administration in the state.

The Ntueke born business mogul urged IMO people to cooperate with governor Emeka Ihedioha and his Rebuild team. “The dry season is almost here when Rebuild agenda will commence.  Blaming governor Emeka Ihedioha for the deplorable state of IMO Roads is unreasonable. He never awarded nor constructed those roads, he concluded.

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