Governor Willie Obiano while delivering his administration’s budget for the fiscal year, 2020, revealed he would plunge 6 billion naira into the 2 billion dollars’ worth airport to be sponsored a Chinese company in the state
The big question however, remains:
Is the N6b budgeted by Obiano for the cargo airport necessary? Is building the airport of higher priority than fixing and building new roads? Why budget such a whopping sum for a project that the Chinese will fund? Government said it decided to build it and be refunded by the Chinese later when they are ready. But why waste such funds on a project that will largely not be enjoyed by the common man when roads would have been built and fixed by it?
My research showed that with N6b we can do at least 30 kilometres of new roads, while it will fix all the potholes in the state and still leave him with a healthy amount of change.
So I ask which is better: to first fix our roads or to embark on an airport project that will take long to finish.
An airport will pander to the interests of the rich, while roads will be enjoyed by all
Besides, sinking N6billion into a $2billion project will be like scratching a surface. It will go nowhere, yet the money would have been tied down.

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