By: Ekwi Ajide
New yam festival has been described as a period for promoting peace and unity amongst the people
This was the opinion of speakers at the new yam festival of ndigbo in Abuja. Igbo communities in the FCT, trooped out in their numbers gorgeously dressed in their different attires for the new yam festival at Eze Dr. Uche Egenti’s residence in ACO estate, Abuja.

Speaking after he picked the choice yam from his yam barn to be roasted, Ezendiigbo, Uche Egenti, stated that the celebration was an opportunity to bring the people together and teach the young ones their culture and introduce them to some intricacies of the culture such as masquerading and age grades.
He said the teaching of the new yam festival is what Nigeria needs now as it will be an opportunity to learn to live in peace, love one another as a people and jettison favoritism and nepotism.
For the Vice chairman of Abuja Municipal Area Council, Honourable Lawrence Onuchukwu, said the Igbo tradition supersedes any other hence the Igbo man takes the tradition to wherever he finds himself and makes it home.
Earlier in a church service that preceded the new yam festival, the parish priest of All Souls Anglican church ACO estate, Abuja, Reverend Canon Solomon Esomu, urged Ndiigbo to be united as a people with a common purpose for the good of the people saying that God created them for a reason but they seem to lag behind in the political schemes in Nigeria because of disunity and charged them to forge a common front in patience and persistence that is expressed in human character.

Different Igbo communities in the FCT, came bearing different kinds of gifts including yams, goat, fowl and drinks of all sorts to pay homage to the Eze while prayers for deliverance of the Igbo nation formed the highpoint.

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