Ihedioha and OKOROCHA’S


By Augustine Agwulonu

The Imo State Commissioner for Information, Barrister Felix Emeka Ebiliekwe has advised the former Governor of the State, Owelle Rochas Okorocha to put stop to his boisterous newspaper outbursts against his successor, Governor Emeka ihedioha who is presently on a redemption of the state from the atrocities of the eight year rule of Owelle Okorochas which brought hardships and sorrows to the people and pauperized the state. According to the commissioner, Owelle Okorocha’s whose haranguing cannot distract Governor Ihedioha from his present focus of returning the state to the position of integrity and financial prudence, with the support of the people of the state.

The Information Commissioner made this remarks during a press conference held in Owerri recently, to counter the unnecessary outburst of Owelle Rochas Okorocha against the person of Governor Emeka Ihedioha, who is mobilizing the people to reddem and rebuild Imo State.

Barrister Ebiliekwe stated that the former govenors rantings are aimed at distracting the people from financial impropriety committed during Okorocha’s eight year rule, during which contracts worth about 30 Billion Naira were alleged to have been improperly awarded or executed. He noted that the former governor is afraid of been invited by the Economic and Finance C Commission (EFCC), over this alleged contract improprieties; and as a result trying to gain the sympathy of the public by his outburst.

He advised the former governor to put his acts together and get ready to defend himself for the alleged fraudulent contract awards and misappropriation of State funds by his administration, during the eight years he was the Chief Executive of Imo State.

According to Ebiliekwe, the revelation of Okorocha’s alleged award of N30BN fraudulent contracts among other atrocious acts must have informed his recent outburst against the present governor, advising Okorocha to prepare for his regular EFCC’ invitations and possible questioning over some financial transactions in the state while he was the governor.

The commissioner who frowned at the incessant insults on the person of Governor Ihedioha by Owelle Okorocha would soon be curtailed in a civilized manner adding that Governor Ihedioha’s visionary leadership and promotion of due process in the state can never be disrupted by irresponsible utterance from the former governor. He commended Governor Ihedioha and his team of selfless administrators and technocrats on their efforts to recover looted funds, under the past administration so that such funds can be channeled for the on-going rebuilding agenda in the state.

Barrister Ebiliekwe appreciated the good relationship existing between the present administration and the media in the state and urged them to work within the ambits of the principles of their profession to help rebuild Imo State.

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