The Chairman of the Nigerian Medical Association, Imo State branch, Dr. Kyrian Duruewuru has expressed concern about the dearth of medical doctors in the country, and has therefore called on the government of Imo State to address the issue by lifting embargo on employment in the state. The NMA chairman made the observation during a chat with media men in Owerri, on Monday, July 22, 2019.

According to Dr. Duruewuru, the ratio of doctors to patients in Nigeria makes it imperative for state governments to employ more hands; because with only 35,000 doctors in the country, the number  is very small when compared to the over 180,000,000 million Nigerians who seek medical help from time to time. He added that the recruitment of more medical personnel would improve manpower and make work easier for doctors.

His words: “We want the Imo state government to lift embargo on employment especially in the health sector so we can advertise for jobs. This will improve numerical strength ease pressure on doctors because there are only a few doctors in the country compared with the country’s population of over 180,000,000”.

The Imo NMA boss also appealed to the Senate to lift the ban on the snipers, noting that sniper was an insecticide with useful purposes.  According to him, banning the use of the product would only expose people to more insect bite but do little or nothing to stop the rising spate of suicide in the country. “Some people commit suicide using a knife or by jumping down from a high mountain, so there’s little or no benefit of banning the use of sniper”, he said.  He added: “Sniper has useful purposes so I appeal to the senate to lift the ban on its use because banning it as a means to curtail suicide is wrong “.

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